“Let the sunshine in….the cove”

An epic journey takes place every night for hair tech: the journey up to the cove. It is not a journey for the faint of heart. It takes courage, skill, and also the ability to see in complete darkness. First you must prepare. Go to the bathroom; pack your backpack full of snacks, homework, and lots of blankets and sweatshirt it bare the cold. You must make certain that you have all of the essentials, because you will not be able to get down to civilization for at least 2 hours, if not longer. Once you are fully prepared then you can embark.

Climb the first ladder. This one is up through a small window. Be ready to heave your body upwards.

Next walk a few steps. Bathe in the last glimpse of light you will see for a while.

You will then see another ladder. This one is much taller. Make sure you either have a buddy to pass the things in your hands to, or have it all on your back. You will need both of your hands. Don’t try to use one. It is awkward and scary. Also be prepared for shaking (it is only attached on one side).

Then, it’s time for the most difficult part of your excursion. Have your hands above you. There will be random low beams that will jump out of you and leave lumps on your head. Also each step you take, take with caution. There are steps…everywhere. Sometimes there is one step. Other times three. There is no order. You have to be on your game. If this sounds dangerous, that is because it is. Be ready, or else get ready for some awesome bruises. But do not fret! You are almost to your destination! After you pass the first cove there are a few more beams, and a few more stairs. Then you will see the lowest beam. Pretend you are playing an epic game of limbo. After the lowest dive you are there. Get on your headset and state “Spot 1 here”.

Now, get ready for muscle aches, blind spotting, frustration, and craziness, hundreds of cues, and some of the most fun, inspiring, and rewarding work of your life. You get to be a part of a show that has true importance. Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness.


About aweis3

Hello :) I am a BFA acting major at Elon University. likes: laughing, being with friends,singing in the shower, wearing headbands, the color pink, the smell of old books, harry potter, laying out in the sun, witty comments, the beatles, my dog lizzie (who is extremely sassy) dislikes: Miley Cyrus

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