“All shall know the wonder of purple summer…”

It is hard for me to pick only one moment to capture my most memorable theatrical experience. Every show I have seen, acted in, done tech for, etc has impacted me and made me appreciate and love the theater even more, and I am not just saying that! I truly feel that I learn and grow each time I partake in the theater. I wouldn’t trade any one of my experiences for the world. I could talk in great detail about each of them, but I guess I will follow the rules and pick just one…

“Spring Awakening”

As I have mentioned in an early blog, the first professional show that I saw was Les Mis in London’s West End.  I sat in my seat and was completely overwhelmed with emotions. I knew from the moment on that I all I wanted to do with my life was to be on the stage. After this experience I listened to as many different musical soundtracks as possible, and went up to Chicago anytime a new show was touring there. I heard about “Spring Awakening” long before I actually saw it. I saw the original Broadway cast perform on the Tony Awards, and I was memorized. These were people close to my age winning Tony’s and living my dream. The next week I went out and found the soundtrack. I listened to it religiously. When I heard that the tour was coming to Chicago I was overjoyed (the tickets were actually my birthday present that year). My seat was orchestra, stage right, about 15 rows back. What was about to occur exceeded my expectations.

^(Tony performance)

“Spring Awakening” was the first show I saw where there were no “jazz hands”. It wasn’t about the huge set, fancy costumes, and large dance numbers, and yet it touched me. All the performers were so completely engaged in the performance, and every word resonated with me. The set, although simplistic compared to many Broadway styled shows, perfectly accented the performance. The use of lighting helped set the mood of each song, giving it at time a very modern, rock concert, youth revolt kind of vibe. All tech elements helped to demonstrate the message of the show: hope. The show taught me what needs to be in a production, and what we as an audience could live without. It showed me that to make a show great, every element of the performance must live to express the message of the show. It showed me the difference between just acting the part, and being completely involved in the imaginary world you create on stage. It was also great to see a show with such young and up and coming actors. Seeing the show gave me hope and a renewed passion that I carried with me as I began my audition process for universities. Another reason why “Spring Awakening” was such a memorable experience is because why looking through the program that evening I noticed that one actor went to Elon University. I had never heard of that place, and after enjoying his performance I decided to look it up and research it more. I few years and auditions later, I am now a freshman BFA acting major at Elon, and I owe it all to “Spring Awakening”.

Also, below I have included a  slideshow of pictures from my “most memorable” performances. 🙂

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